Welcome to Integral Facilitator – the home of a unique approach to facilitation mastery that gives you a developmental edge.

Integral Facilitator offers a set of developmental learning experiences, tools, and tactics designed to help facilitative leaders get to the next stage of facilitation. From there – armed with an Integral map for working in culture; new awareness, care and compassion; and more masterful competencies – an Integral Facilitator is better equipped to tackle some of the thorniest practical challenges in human collaboration.

“Next Stage Facilitation is the highest iteration of working with groups which will actually create a real and positive change in the world.” Dorothy Tanguay

Every one of us, regardless of our role as a leader, manager, coach, or consultant, needs the awareness and skills of a facilitator to influence the successful outcomes of our endeavors. Standard group skills like decision-making and conflict resolution are useful, but the Integral Map goes further in helping us become more effective, light on our feet, and creative in our responses to group challenges.

Our work life today depends on our ability to effortlessly collaborate with others while executing our goals with precision and ease. We can no longer depend on hierarchical structures to lead the way, nor do we have the time to spend in lagging consensus or feel-good processes.

Now is the time to join us to access new depth in the interior and exterior dimensions of your facilitation practice, boost your confidence, and refocus your continuous learning and development.

Aspiring Integral facilitators often say they feel called to deepen and broaden their competencies – develop more rigor - so that they can make a bigger difference in the world.

Join us for one of our programs and:

  • Be prepared to engage in compelling conversations about your work with groups, and try new practices that stretch the embodiment of who you are in this increasingly important role.
  • Increase your capacity to engage groups and help them cohere – in your organizations, communities, and stakeholders.
  • Meet other self-actualizing people from around the world who are hungry for learning and development and share a desire bring more to their work with groups for more comprehensive and lasting outcomes.
  • Return to your workplace more enthused, passionate and operating from a stable centered presence. This presence allows you to play with more of what’s in the space with wisdom and discernment about what matters.