The Next Stage Facilitation

Explore what is happening on the developmental edge of facilitation, and what it means to you.

In this three-day workshop, you’ll learn new ways to be a more Integral Facilitator who can make any collaboration more successful and to help your groups, teams, stakeholders, and cultures cohere. There has never been a better time than now to invest in developing your awareness and capacities as a facilitative leader.

In this three day workshop we promise a deep dive into your personal presence, and more than a taste of integral expression in groups.

Engage in compelling conversations about your work with groups, and try new practices that stretch the embodiment of who you are in this increasingly important role.

This learning experience is not a traditional information-driven “how to do” instruction – be prepared to experiment with your own self-awareness and perspective-taking abilities in a highly engaged way! A beginner’s mind will serve you well and you will leave with fresh perspectives. ** Please keep in mind this is for people with experience facilitating, leading or teaching groups. 

Join other self-actualizing facilitators from around the world who are hungry for learning and development and share a desire bring more to their work with groups for more comprehensive and lasting outcomes. You will leave with a personalized integral facilitation practice to guide your development to the next stage.

 REGISTER NOW for the Salt Lake Intensive – June 2-4, 2014  REGISTER NOW for the Montreal Intensive – September 8-10, 2014 REGISTER NOW for the Denver Intensive – Oct 6-8, 2014


Recent participants described the intensive this way: A rich practice space for the interior and subtler fields of facilitation work. | An integral theory-informed facilitation workshop with an emphasis on the subtleties of human interaction.  | An opportunity to experience and learn from master facilitators. You will find your edge and be supported to lean into it.

Important: Completion of this workshop is a prerequisite for the next cohort of the competency-based Integral Facilitator(R) Certificate Program, starting October 29 – November 2, 2014.

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The Agenda

Orientation to the next stage facilitation and the Integral map The three orienting perspectives Assessing your developmental edge as an integral facilitator Next Stage Signature Application: Presence and facilitator neutrality Practice embodied presence
Unity and Duality Working with duality: balancing masculine and feminine Energetic awareness and group coherence Signature application: Evolving worldviews Embodied presence practice
Inspiration to support your intention Integrated presence – working with emotional states Making a difference in the world Next steps – Focusing your continuous learning and development

How I know if this three-day workshop is for me?

To participate in this program, you need good social skills, experience facilitating, leading or teaching groups, and an interest in your own development. Making this three-days investment is a targeted  way to prepare for your transformation to make a larger impact.

Register today and make this experiential workshop is your first step into the next stage of facilitation where you:
  • Engage yourself more fully in service of the future that wants to emerge
  • Meet the challenge of more complex real-life issues and conflict
  • Integrate the interior and exterior experience of groups
  • Cut through the clutter of techniques and methods to get to the heart of the matter
  • Navigate conflict, shadow, emotions and power politics
  • Enjoy richer, deeper and more satisfying engagements

This three-day intensive will help you decide if you want to apply for the more in-depth competency-based Integral Facilitator(R)Certificate Program (IFCP) starting in October in Salt Lake City.

A personal note: Diane and I are looking forward to meeting inspired individuals who are committed to working on their developmental edge to enhance their work with groups and achieve extraordinary results.

This three day intensive is an incredible opportunity to experience first-hand a new, relevant, and timely approach to facilitative leadership that meets the challenge of today’s issues and the inter connectivity and complexity of the systems we work within. It incorporates the best from bodies of knowledge available today: such as adult developmental psychology, organizational development, management, conflict management, consciousness studies and behavioral science.


This unique approach is informed by Ken Wilber’s brilliant Integral Map and infused with Zen wisdom. While knowledge of Integral Theory is not a requirement, we recommend that you read this overview in advance. But be forewarned! I think you will leave this introductory three day experience with enough of a taste of your self-as-instrument that you will want to continue to deepen your practice! ~ thanks, Rebecca
“I do strongly encourage you to participate. It’s my best experience ever in a 3 days training. Diane is an amazing facilitator! I’m currently figuring out how to get myself in the nine-month program as the 3 days was so exciting and promising in term of personal growth.” Tremeur